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Who we are:


Sasha Joelle Achilli 

Sasha Joelle Achilli is an Italian/Australian BAFTA, Emmy and DuPont award-winning documentary filmmaker and has spent her career getting at the heart of difficult stories in some of the most remote parts of Africa and the Middle East. She has made films for critically acclaimed for British and American strands such as BBC This World, HBO Documentaries and PBS Frontline.


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Poppy Edwards

With more than ten years experience working as an Exec Producer, Producer and Director in factual documentaries and series.  Raised on a homestead built by her parents in Scotland,  Poppy has specialised in music documentaries since writing, producing and narrating her first music series for the BBC at 22. She has gone on to write and produce more than 20 films and series for the BBC and international producers.


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Charly Wai Feldman

Charly has a track record of tackling sensitive and complex stories, as both a documentary director and producer.  Born in Canada, raised in Vietnam and currently based between Montreal, Singapore and London UK, she has made films in over 20 countries, many with international distribution. 

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